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3 Ways To Accelerate Your PPC Career Outside Of Marketing

As our team here at ProfitSpring continues to grow, I’ve found myself reflecting back on my career as a specialist, looking at the points of acceleration I had and the compounding elements that went into driving them. Sharing these with the team has been useful to guide development and progression.

I thought it would be useful to share the top three with the broader PPC community. My experiences may benefit anyone looking to transition to a career in paid media, those looking to progress in their roles or move from specialist to agency owner as I have.

Whilst I’ve had training from some really amazing individuals in the industry, I’ve found the real 80/20 lifts for me came from areas that I worked on to support my work but that aren’t directly related to it.

Google Ads ROAS drivers

How to calculate ROAS – A guide for small to medium businesses

Having profitable customer acquisition is essential in driving growth that’s sustainable and scalable for small to medium businesses.

Being able to calculate what a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS) is for your business will enable you to input the right targets in your Google Ads campaign to allow machine learning to optimise for the correct outputs — those that align with your business goals.

more revenue from a lower ROAS google ads

A simple guide to managing Target ROAS bidding strategies

It’s never been more important to understand how your target return on ad spend (tROAS) changes to automated bidding strategies impact campaign performance.

Your decisions can be make or break for your business!

Set your target too high, and your campaign won’t fire, causing you to miss out on much-needed revenue.

Set your tROAS too low, and your ad spend will go through the roof, leaving you with empty pockets and a very disgruntled Finance Director.

ppc campaign offers

The ‘No Fluff’ Guide To Paid Media Planning For Q4 2023

Now is the time to get your ducks in a row with profitability. A decent paid media agency should be asking you what your business can afford to spend to acquire a customer, what’s the breakeven point, what would be a loss, if you benefit from customer lifetime value and so on. Knowing this, a campaign ROAS or CPA target can be constructed that will ensure an acceptable return for your business.

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