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Byron Marr


I’ve been advertising on Google and Facebook for over 10 years now, I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes across eCommerce and B2B, on a global scale.

I’ve spoken at leading international conferences such as BrightonSEO and SMX Munich and was voted a “The Top 50 Most Influential PPC Expert” by PPCHero.

I love everything to do with paid media, the platforms, the tech and working with the broader industry to push the sector forward.

I’m an eCommerce shareholder/business owner myself so I see advertising and marketing from that perspective knowing that activity needs to be grounded in commercials.

Philippa Dale-Thomas Agency Business Coach

“Byron is so rewarding to work with. He brings energy, focus and application to achieving the best outcomes for his clients, team and agency.

He really listens, loves to learn and to challenge the status quo. He cares about his team and constantly looks for ways to develop their potential and his own.

He is his own man, does what he says he going to do and says thank you for a job well done.”


Marcus Richardson chairman ppc and paid social agency

Marcus Richardson


My last “working for” was as the youngest M.D in the Caudwell group, a group of 6000 staff with T/O of £3 billion + at the age of 30 and I can assure you I wasn’t really good enough at the time although thought I was! From here I catapulted myself into my own enterprises and the real learning began.

Today with multiple businesses, corporate finance deals, PE experience, acquisitions, international businesses and above all else many stellar management teams developed. I now chair/NED/advise/mentor/coach/restructure and invest my time in building great teams and in turn fantastic businesses in any sector anywhere.

My journey is always about PEOPLE, working alongside the very best to learn, hone skills, knowledge and latterly recruiting and inspiring the best in all of my business dealings, I aligned myself with brilliant UK entrepreneurs self-made billionaires who built business empires from scratch to billion pound enterprises and squeezed their heads being privileged to learn amazing skills and knowledge for my future.

gavin tedstone ceo investor entreprenuer

“Marcus has a distorted view on reality where anything is possible and without that many teams and individuals including myself would not be where they are or where they thought they could be!”


mike johnson ppc and paid social consultant

Mike Johnson

Head of Delivery

I’ve been working in digital for 7 years, focusing on Google Ads & Meta Ads, and constantly demonstrate my competitive nature by always striving to improve business performance and never settling with what we’ve got.

Having studied Marketing, I love bringing broader topics into the conversation to develop a killer strategy to grab attention and efficiently grow brands.

I thrive working with scale-up businesses that are ambitious and willing to experiment to fuel profitable growth.

Primary background: eCommerce and b2b in the UK & US market

mark cyberjammies profitspring case study

“I’ve worked with Mike for over 4 years and he’s not only helped grow our business but also grown our marketing team’s knowledge of digital. He focuses on the areas that will have an impact on performance and breaks this down on calls in an understandable way. We always leave our catch up calls with clear next steps and a better understanding of how our campaigns are performing with complete transparency.”


paid media consultant

Lauren Bell

Paid Media Consultant

With a background in digital marketing and an interest in the user’s mindset, I found my way to belonging within Paid Media, working on both PPC and Paid Social.

I love to blend my creative side with the data in the campaigns, focusing on the “why” behind a user’s journey. There is always a random idea during the day that will pop up in my head for us to try!

It’s a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape so I enjoy working with businesses that love to test new ideas and have an eagerness to grow. It’s great to watch businesses thrive and be a part of their journey.

Primary background: eCommerce & B2B in the UK market

ecommerce director

“It’s been a pleasure working with Lauren on our paid media, her eagerness to bring new ideas to our business, as well as dedication to understand our customers and market has helped to deliver real value from our campaigns”


paid media consultant

Chloe Webster

Paid Media Consultant

With 3 years experience in paid media and 4.5 years in marketing overall I love to create campaigns that drive a real-world impact!

Having spent a number of years as the account lead on large spending brands advertising in the US market across both eCommerce and b2b lead generation, I enjoy seeing clients go on a high-growth journey.

Having a degree in psychology helps me to get behind ‘the why’ of a client’s customers which can lead to positive changes to messaging and website user experience.

Primary background: eCommerce & B2B in the US market

digital marketing manager

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chloe and I can confidently say that her expertise and dedication significantly contributed to our success. Chloe demonstrated an impressive understanding of paid media strategies, platforms, and analytics, which were instrumental in optimising our campaigns for maximum ROI.”


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