ProfitSpring – Google Ads Partner

Google is the core network to advertise on, offering the ability to reach potential customers on Search, Shopping, YouTube, Gmail & the Display network – in a nutshell, most of the internet!

It has some of the best tools and features to target your potential customers and deliver not just sales but sales at your desired target return.

Being able to show ads to a user actively looking for your products or services, means that you have a degree of qualification that the user is looking to buy – which can be harder to qualify on channels such as Facebook ads.

Partner status is there to indicate to a business looking to partner with a PPC agency, that the agency is of a credible size and able to deliver results – based on some measures.

Being a Google Ads partner means that we here at ProfitSpring, have been recognised by Google to be:

  • Delivering good performance in our client accounts
  • Managing over a certain threshold of ad spend
  • Our team to have up-to-date knowledge through their certifications

You can review our company profile on Google here.

Are there any benefits to working with a Google Partner agency?

Being a Google Partner does have additional benefits for clients, in addition to what was mentioned above:

  • There are offers that come up on occasion, for example, ad spend credit for new customers to the network
  • Early access to BETA features and new campaign formats, this can give you the upper hand on your competition getting the first look
  • Dedicated support representatives (basically faster resolution on issues in your account)
  • Extensive training and courses for the agency team, there are regular full days of training offered to partner teams with content which isn’t available online

Do you have to work with a Google Partner?

Many paid media agencies who are set up as a proper company will be eligible for the Google Partner programme. I would hesitate and question someone who didn’t hold a partner badge.

Being a Google Partner alone, shouldn’t mean that you work with a paid media agency though!

In my opinion from 10 years of working with clients and advertising on Google, you should partner with the business who is taking the time to understand your business, commercial targets, customers and your customer’s purchase motivators and objections.

That combined with an ability to demonstrate previous results on a call or in a face-to-face meeting is the best way to find the fit that will work for you.

Need help with Google Ads?

Based in the heart of Northamptonshire, with a remote team, we’re a group of very seasoned Google Ads consultants at ProfitSpring. Currently, each of our consultants has over 6 years experience advertising through the network.

We’re regularly auditing new accounts as well as driving sales and return for our existing book of eCommerce clients.

We always welcome new conversations. Get in touch with us and let’s talk about you!


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