Meta ads – Sitelink feature rolled out for feed ads

 An impactful update within Meta – Sitelinks are now a feature for Feed Ads!

What are sitelinks?

As a well-known feature in Google ads, the benefits remain the same on Meta. Available through the Facebook feed placement, the scrollable sitelinks are a great way to introduce additional relevant information to the user.

Improving navigation for the user

When users see your ad, they can scroll through the site link options which allows them to navigate to specific pages on your website.

Image preview

Site links typically provide two useful benefits:

  1. Offering additional clickable elements when the ad is shown, increases the space taken up by the ad when it’s displayed which increases engagement rate.
  2. They take the user through to somewhere that is specific on your website so reduce drop outs that can occur from the user having to navigate to find further information themselves. This can lead to a higher ROAS/lower cost-per-acquisition.

Although the feature is not available across all accounts (at the time of writing), you can find the feature within the advantage+ creative opt-in section.

Meta will scrape your website and recommend site links automatically or you can create them by manually inputting the URLs of the products you want to highlight.

This can be categorised by product, business information or sales.

As a Meta Business Partner, we are testing them within our client’s accounts and looking forward to seeing CTR and conversion insights.

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